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Tressell Councillors
Picture: Sunbeam Cottages
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Hastings Borough Council Elections: Council Elections:
May 3rd 2018

Peter Chowney and Tania Charman have been re-elected as Labour councillors for Tressell Ward

The results were:

Peter Chowney Labour Party 659  (32%)
Tania Charman Labour Party 628 (31%)
Patrick Millar Conservative Party Candidate 217 (11%)
Terry Keen Conservative Party Candidate 208 (10%)
Catherine Taylor Green Party 130 (6%)
Christopher Whitrow Green Party 77 (4%)
Phil Broad Liberal Democrat Focus Team 69 (3%)
Oliver Maloney Liberal Democrat Focus Team 42 (2%)

Overall, the council now has 24 Labour councillors, 8 Conservative councillors (a gain of one seat for Labour).  Here is the manifesto we will now be putting into effect.

Labour Mini Manifesto for the 2018 Council Elections